Press Release: Title I Funding Now Allows Schools to Purchase Page A Day Math Enrichment for At-Risk Students

April 5, 2021

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Janice Marks
Page A Day Math


Bekah Collins
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Title I Funding Now Allows Schools to Purchase Page A Day Math Enrichment for At-Risk Students
Structured Daily Enrichment Boosts Confidence for Struggling Students

TUCSON, AZ--– PAGE A DAY MATH, providers of ongoing, step-by-step math practice announced today that schools can use Title I Funds to purchase their award-winning workbook sets for Pre-K - 4th grade students to take home over the summer. The sets help students rebuild and strengthen their math-fact fluency while filling in COVID-19 learning gaps, so they don't start the new school year behind.


Learning loss due to COVID-19 is a major concern for teachers, administrators, and parents. Researchers are currently predicting a “COVID-19 slide” for students that will be particularly pronounced in math. In a normal school cycle, the “summer slide” is always more conspicuous when it comes to math, and now, due to remote learning and/or COVID-19 protocols in the classroom, a full 50% loss in mathematical learning gains is expected. Schools are actively searching out ways to mitigate this impact, especially for low-income, at-risk children for whom access to technology and resources is limited.

Schools can utilize Title 1 funding to purchase and distribute PAGE A DAY MATH kits that will help K-4 children improve their math-fact knowledge without becoming overwhelmed or frustrated. All that is needed is a pencil and 5-10 minutes per day.

“What has happened to children this year is devastating. As a former educator, and a mother, I can’t imagine learning basic math on the computer. My hope is to be able to provide a solution to so many families who are worried about their child’s education. The secret, especially now, is to make it fun!” -  Janice Marks, Creator and Owner at PAGE A DAY MATH. 

Marks created PAGE A DAY math because, as an educator, she witnessed firsthand the gaps in a child’s math education. She was astonished by the reality that even top-performing schools produced students with very low math fluency. Her own daughter struggled with math, which produced anxiety and insecurity throughout her educational journey. 

“We want to change the trajectory of children's lives through math—especially with the toll remote learning has had on them. Helping children remember essential basics will allow them to understand and answer math problems easily and confidently later on. Math is so foundational to a child’s overall success, and these early experiences with math are critical." - Janice Marks, Creator and Owner at PAGE A DAY MATH 

PAGE A DAY MATH was designed by Marks, is backed by research, and loved by thousands of families for its step-by-step tactile approach, consistent encouragement, and ease of use. Lessons are divided into focused kits (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), completed independently by children over a 6-month period. Additionally, print and cursive handwriting and math review practice books are also available. 

"This is such a great, easy to implement program for students and fits into any busy family schedule with just a page a day to reinforce math skills," said Andria Danko, MA. Ed, a kindergarten teacher at Vannoy Elementary School in Castro Valley Unified School District, in CA. “Kids forgetting their basic math facts due to the summer slide is so real and happens due to lack of daily practice. This program keeps their knowledge base of math on track and growing.”  

For more information, please visit or contact Janice Marks at or call 520-780-1079.


PAGE A DAY MATH is a learning company that creates math products for students in Pre-K to 4th grade. Preschools, elementary schools, and at-home learners use PAGE A DAY MATH products for their unique design and high educational value. PAGE A DAY MATH was created by an educator who saw detrimental gaps in math fluency and was frustrated by her own daughter’s lack of self-confidence. PAGE A DAY MATH has an incremental, cumulative approach that makes it easy and fun for kids to build strong math fluency. For more information visit


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