COVID-19 Relief Legislation

Summer Enrichment Math Practice Kids Take Home This Summer

Press Release: Schools Can Use Title I Funds on Math Practice Kits to Head Off Potential Covid Backslide for Students

Our products can be purchased using federal Title I Funds for use at school and/or at home over the summer. 

Our award-winning math fluency supplements are helping 1000s of students nationwide. 

The new COVID-19 relief legislation provides additional funding for evidence-based summer learning and supplemental after-school programs. The Page A Day Math products are user-friendly tools that can help children ages 4-8 master math basics. As you know, students are struggling in keeping up with math during the global pandemic and basic math fact fluency was an area in which students struggled even before the pandemic. See the recent NWEA study showing the Covid-19 Math Scores Slide. 

We would be happy to schedule a meeting and show you how your students would benefit from using Page A Day Math at home this summer.

Our products will help your students catch up and even get ahead by providing them with consistent routine practice that kids can work on independently but can be easily managed by parents, at home, over the summer. 

We have pre-developed math kits that are ready to go that are perfect for use at home during the summer.

Please call for pricing or sample math kits for your review, 520-780-1079.