Our Mission

At Page A Day Math, we've seen kids fall short of reaching their potential because they’re afraid of mathematics. So we create lessons that make math fun and engaging, thereby opening worlds for them. We believe that the greatest gift you can give a child is opportunity.

With math my child can be a…

When It's Fun, Math Is...

  • Opportunity
  • Freedom
  • Success
  • Advantage
  • Independence
  • Fortune
  • Options
  • Open Doors

Don't let a fear of math close doors on your child.

“As an educator, I saw most 5th graders struggle with math because they didn’t get a firm grasp of concepts early on. It’s crucial to give your child a firm foundation… the earlier the better. The secret is to make it fun.”

Janice Marks
Creator, Page A Day Math

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Why People love Page a day math

Love these books. We tested them out before they were on the market and fell in love with the math squad dogs, right from the start. They definitely make learning math a lot more fun than the printouts we have used in the past. I love that they are in a book and not in an app and that the problems are traced and then solved.

Hannah D. Business Consultant,

My kids have been doing “page a day math” for about 2 weeks now and they love it and the characters in the books make it fun. Check them out...Hauser family approved! The adorable characters make it fun for my kids because they feel like the characters are helping them learn math.

Momo H. AZ Crossfit Instructor

I bought these for my niece and her daughter loves the books. She says they love the dogs and Flo and Zo are her favorites. What a great idea to make math books that look more like picture books. My niece does these on Facetime with me and shows me what she’s done for the day. These make great gifts.

Doris C., Retired Enterprise Software Sales
Exec. NYC

Page A Day Math Transformed Their Children

Early math skills predict academic success. Here's how the Pre-K Kit works.
I’ve tried lots of things, this program sets them up for success.
She can work independently now that she’s learned to write her numbers.
Building number sense in Pre-K, definitely gives kids an advantage.
She loves doing them completely on her own. Zo is her favorite.
Fun, engaging, effectice math practice. Bring out your child's math superpowers!

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