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To change the trajectory of children's lives through math. We do this by providing award-winning Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division practice that helps children remember essential math basics so they can understand and answer math problems easily and confidently!

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Don't let a fear of math close doors on your child.

“As an educator, I saw most 5th graders struggle with math because they didn’t get a firm grasp of concepts early on. It’s crucial to give your child a firm foundation… the earlier the better. The secret is to make it fun.”

Janice Marks
Creator, Page A Day Math

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Why People love Page a day math

I’m going to be using the multiplication and division ones with Jake this year. I will be continuing to use the lower levels with Gabe and Lilly. I subscribe to the no stress learning of math.. if you can provide them with something fun that teaches them without them even realizing it it’s a win-win situation! That’s what I really like about these books! Each day is labelled so its easy to keep up with where you should be or easy to work ahead.

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Jenny U.

It really is helping them with their math facts! Working on one new fact a day doesn't overwhelm them, and they are getting plenty of review with the other facts. It takes them around 5-10 minutes a day to complete a worksheet, so they don't complain at all. It is also something they can do independently! I can see such an improvement so far in how quickly he is recalling the answers to the division and even the multiplication review facts...a great way to really cement the math facts your child is learning into his memory.

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Megan R.

My second grade student is at the beginning phase of multiplication. I want her to enjoy mathematics throughout her elementary years and supplementing with this Multiplication Starter Kit has been a wonderful resource thus far.She is a strong person and wants to independently do her schoolwork, but is limited with her reading and vocabulary still. These books are extremely helpful in regards to limiting the amount of wordy instruction, so she is able to read the simple direction and begin working immediately. She has been more than thrilled to work through these supplements three times a week, even after her regular math lesson has been completed.

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Pam H.

I really like the quick and easy progress, the kid-friendly size of the books, and the cute graphics don’t hurt either. Each day took him less than 5 minutes to complete, but I love that this is keeping him practicing-with hardly any effort on my end. This is something I plan to keep up through the summer, as I would really like him to have a firm grasp on multiplying at least 1-5 (he knows 9-11s pretty well too) before he starts second grade.

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My girls found these attractive and were happy to try them. Having fun characters has brought math alive for the twin that is going through the physical books. As a side note, if you catch her tracing the characters in her spare time, then you know she’s liking the math books themselves. What’s also good is that children can work through these books independently and it improves both their math and handwriting skills.

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Katherine K.

I HIGHLY recommend these math kits if you have a student who is struggling with basic mathematical facts. Even with my children being outside of the targeted age range for the product, I found the product extremely useful and this really seems to be the first product I have found that drills the math facts without being overbearing.

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Brenda P.

This summer we spent time on math using this math system because he was having difficulty with math and with his handwriting. Six months later he got a 98% on his math assessment at school. When he said math was his favorite subject I teared up.

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Sonja S

She's loving math!

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Samith P.

My grandkids love this math practice. The best gift I’ve ever given them. They love them. They are learning their basic math facts and over the dogs and they feel smarter! They don't get this practice at school so I'm glad I found this.

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Amanda S

This is a great product for your younger students to practice and memorize their facts. I truly recommend it.

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Michelle M.

My daughter and I did the first page together and then she independently took over, with me just checking to make sure her review answers were correct. This was by far my daughter’s favorite program review to date. She and I both loved the ease of use and I loved that the focus of the program was not just writing but addition from the get-go. The 10 books in the kit have traceable numbers throughout with empty boxes at the end of each page for review and mastery. My three-year-old was bummed he didn’t get the books to try, but we did download some of Page a Day Math’s handwriting books and he had fun working with his sister tracing Sight Words. A perfect hand-eye coordination activity. When my printer works again I plan to use the printable Multiplication and Division flash cards with my two oldest as they could use the additional aides for the summer months. I would recommend the Pre-K Math Starter kit to anyone who has younger children who wish to work alongside their older siblings, but don’t need a complete curriculum. My daughter and I did the first page together and then she independently took over, with me just checking to make sure her review answers were correct and that she had colored in the stars to show her page of the day was completed.

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Rebekah R.

Reagan focused on the Addition Starter Kit and I can already tell a bit of confidence in her math facts. ⠀The repetition of the facts and letters were well done and because it builds on the previous day’s problems it was not frustrating for her as she finished the work.⠀ I would recommend Page a Day Math to anyone looking to supplement their children’s math program for fact practice

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Alexis B.

My son got quicker at his math facts as the days went on. At first he had to use his fingers, but over time he memorized many of the facts and could write the answer without counting. My kids adore the Math Squad-dog superheroes, Mo, Zo, Bo, Jo, and Flo that frequent the pages of the books. I love how the flashcards are colorful and have the Math Squad characters on them, unlike typical flashcards, these are attractive to kids!

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Lisa T.

I was pleasantly surprised that within the first few days, her ability to write the numbers beautifully improved. This is an awesome bonus of the program, especially in a world where much learning is done online; handwriting practice often is left in the dust.

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Alexandra K.

My 4 year old has been using this Pre-K Math kit. She loves it. It is so simple to use.This is really a great introduction to adding and she caught on right away and started learning to add from the first day. Everything is so adorable with this program and she is so motivated by the stars.

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Natasha B.

I like the repetitive approach to math facts. In reality you are doing both math and handwriting learning simultaneously.This is a great supplement to add to your math curriculum.

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Renee K

I love how fun and encouraging this set is! My daughter cannot wait to fill in the yellow star when she completes a page and the cute dog characters are so fun for her to look at. I highly recommend this set to anyone looking for a good math practice workbook.

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Amy D

Page A Day Math Transformed Their Children

This short video explains the how the math kits works. All math kits work similarly.
I’ve tried lots of things, this program sets them up for success.
She can work independently now that she’s learned to write her numbers.
Building number sense in Pre-K, definitely gives kids an advantage.
She loves doing them completely on her own. Zo is her favorite.
These are my favorite things that I like to do. I like Zo the best.

Help your child develop math super powers!