How are Hiking and Math similar?

They are. Give me 2 minutes and I’ll explain...

Many mornings I hike up a mountain trail called Blackets Ridge in Tucson, AZ. It’s about 6 miles round trip with 1685 ft elevation (the Empire State Building is 1250 feet tall). 

On the way up you’re like OMG how am I going to do this. The end is so hard to get to. 

As you go up, you see hikers coming down and they’re ALL SMILES.  

Why? Because they have a huge sense of accomplishment. You see their faces screaming...I DID IT!

Hiking a challenging trail takes time, patience, and practice to get to the end. Getting into good hiking shape doesn’t happen overnight. 

Day one you go a short way and come back. Day two you go a little further and come back. 

You build up stamina little by little.

One day, you get to the top of the mountain. You see a view you’ve never seen before. One that you can only see as a result of practice. Nothing can buy this view. You can only see it firsthand with persistence, patience, and practice.

It gets easier and easier each time you try. And then you get to say, “I DID IT!”

Your child goes through the same process learning math.

They are nervous at first. They don’t know if they can do it. It’s hard. Mistakes are made.

But sure enough, with practice, a little each day, your child improves quickly and feels encouraged. Their smile gets bigger and bigger. They know they are getting better and better. Then, THEY want to keep going. 

It’s up to you. Your child can not do it alone. They don’t know where the trail is to get to the top of the mountain. You are the guide.

There is no magic. 

Help your child develop their math superpowers. 

The Page A Day Math Fluency system is the only system with 6 months of ongoing tactile practice kids absolutely need in order for the math to become automatic and easy.

Don’t wait any longer. The summer is here, the perfect time to build your child’s knowledge and confidence in math.

About the Author and Creator of Page A Day Math

Janice MarksJanice Marks

Janice began her career in education to pursue teaching pre-algebra at BASIS Tucson North, a charter school currently ranked as the sixth-best STEM school in the country by Newsweek. There she found joy in teaching math, working with parents, and inspiring children to believe in themselves and thrive. This experience, along with helping her own children succeed in math, led her to develop the Page A Day Math system.

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