Why you should help your child develop a solid math foundation and make math practice intentional.

Remember cramming for tests?

You probably forgot what you studied just a few days later!

Cramming isn’t a long-term solution for remembering important information. You know that! 

It's the same for children learning math. Materials that promise "quick" solutions or provide only a month or two of practice won't build math fluency. 

An intentional steady pace with a focus on a solid foundation rather than a 'quick' foundation, works.

How can you help your child develop a solid math foundation in a way that is effective and fun

You can make math intentional. You can find QUALITY MATERIALS. You can schedule short daily practice sessions. You can make this time easy-going and fun.

You probably do this for reading. You plan time. Make it happen. Maybe it’s a bedtime routine? Whatever 'it' is, it IS intentional.

Learning MATH requires INTENTION like learning to read. There are tons of math facts workbooks and freebies out there. But do they make the best use of your time and your child’s time? Are all math facts supplements created equal? Do they support your learning philosophy and your child's math curriculum?

If your intention is long-term math fluency and a love for math then you'll want to find materials that aim for this too.

Page A Day Math is an Award-Winning "Favorite Math Supplement". parents love it because it is easy to use, has 6 months of practice that makes sense for children learning a new subject, works on handwriting, and is full of helpful features that kids need. It works and is 100% guaranteed.

What is important when choosing a math supplement?

  1. 6+ Months of sequential incremental MATH FACTS PRACTICE so you don’t have to figure out what to give your child week after week.
  2. Convenient materials you can take anywhere that your child will actually want to use!
  3. Child-paced practice.
  4. Handwriting guides for beautifully written numbers.
  5. Smaller book size that won't overwhelm -
    10 or 12 books per math kit!
  6. Math practice your child can work on independently!
  7. 100% money-back guarantee.

Be intentional about your child's math development!

Our math kits provide step-by-step practice for more than 6 months. They give your child exactly what they need to learn PRE-K Math, Addition, Subtraction,  Multiplication, or Division. 

Curriculum Alignment
Page A Day Math Kits are aligned with and support Pre-K - 4th grade math curriculums including Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Saxon, and Abeka and support concepts learned in the Standards for Mathematical Practice which were created to ensure that all students graduate with the math skills needed to succeed in their careers and higher education. 

About the Author and Creator of Page A Day Math

Janice MarksJanice Marks

Janice began her career in education to pursue teaching pre-algebra at BASIS Tucson North, a charter school currently ranked as the sixth-best STEM school in the country by Newsweek. There she found joy in teaching math, working with parents, and inspiring children to believe in themselves and thrive. This experience, along with helping her own children succeed in math, led her to develop the Page A Day Math system.

To try a sample book from one of our math kits, click here.


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