SUBTRACTION & COUNTING, 11 Books (digital)

by Page A Day Math

This series is currently available as a digital download only.
Perfect for
 young students starting subtraction, often in K-3rd grade, ages 6+.
Learning Objectives Subtract 0-10, learn one new subtraction fact daily, know facts with proficient and fluency, develop legible handwriting, number sense, and independent learning.
Each Book has 32 pages, one new subtraction fact daily (count dog bones to learn daily facts), 24 daily problems, 14 days of practice, 350 problems per book, completion certificate, daily achievements stars, dog joke on every back cover, handwriting aids and practice, cumulative practice.
This Series has 10 books with step-by-step subtraction development, practice, and repetition to last 140 days, fun & easy to use curriculum, small size for young hands, repetition for fluency. Over 3,500 practice problems.