Features & Benefits



1.     Sequential Math Facts Books

a.     10-13 books per series

b.     4-6 months of ongoing practice

c.     3-6,000+ problems per series

The sequential books in each Page a Day Math series support the practice and repetition necessary for proficiency and fluency in math facts. These are the building blocks of a solid math foundation that will lead to academic confidence and lifelong learning.

2.     An incremental program introducing one new math fact each day

This practical pace makes mastering each new math fact achievable. This creates constant advancement, realistic expectations, and boosts confidence and self-esteem.

3. Handwriting practice and aides

Legible math handwriting means fewer mistakes, and better grades when teachers are able to read a child’s work.

4. Cumulative practice each day

Systematic, predictable, and organized practice is easy to fit into hectic family schedules. This routine lays the groundwork for solid study habits and independent learning.

5. Up to 40 practice problems daily (level/age dependent)

This volume of practice helps the child retain information and improve memory.

6. 14 days of practice per book

Children feel successful since they are continuously finishing books, providing a feeling of constant achievement, and a perfect length of time to continually build mental stamina through a gentle pace.

7. Effective and easy to use

Parents can easily provide meaningful, effective practice for their children by just following the steps of the Page a Day Math program.

8. Built-in reward system

The built-in star system and certificates helps reinforce positive behavior and reward hard work, creating a foundation for future academic achievements.


1.     Cute images adorn these full-color books

Adorable illustrations introduce the joy of math to children, evoking positive emotions as they build a solid foundation.

2.     Encouraging statements on every page from the adorable Math Squad!

The Math Squad help to guide the child into a more encouraging space where math is an enjoyable activity.

3.     Small size and playful design for young hands

These easy-to-handle books inspire ownership: it’s clear these products are made just for kids, instead of more daunting books and academic products.

4.     Unique completion certificates in each book of each series

Celebrate your child’s achievements with unique completion certificates you can put up all over the house. This helps reward a job well done and keeps the child moving forward.

5.     Jokes and dog facts on the back of each book!

Keeps practice fun, enjoyable, lighthearted.