Why People love Page a day math

Love these books. We tested them out before they were on the market and fell in love with the math squad dogs, right from the start. They definitely make learning math a lot more fun than the printouts we have used in the past. I love that they are in a book and not in an app and that the problems are traced and then solved.

Hannah D. Business Consultant,

My kids have been doing “page a day math” for about 2 weeks now and they love it and the characters in the books make it fun. Check them out...Hauser family approved!The adorable characters make it fun for him and he feels like they are helping him learn math.

Momo H. AZ Crossfit Instructor

I bought these for my niece and her daughter loves the books. She says they love the dogs and Flo and Zo are her favorites. What a great idea to make math books that look more like picture books. These make great gifts.

Doris C., Retired Enterprise Software Sales
Exec. NYC

look inside a box

4 bonus Downloads with every math series

Look Inside An addition counting Book

Every Page A Day Math Series Features: 

  • An addition math facts program your child can complete at home. Replaces costly tutoring and builds independence.
  • A 10-book system with 14 days of practice per book that gives your child repetition and time to develop mastery before moving on to the next book.
  • An intentional, step-by-step progression that develops mastery with the completion of one page a day (front and back). Up to 15 minutes a day is usually all it takes.
  • An easy-to-read, child-friendly font that removes the confusion of 6s and 9s, 1s and 7s, and 4s and 9s.
  • Tracing prompts to help build strong fine-motor skills and discourage rushing to complete work. Children learn to take pride in their precision and penmanship.
  • Unique tracing “tracks,” not dotted lines, make tracing and number writing easier and more fluid. A small dot at the top of each number tells children where to start.
  • Each day, old facts and new facts are reviewed for meaningful practice.

When you order today, you’ll ALSO RECEIVE these 7 digital downloads for FREE: 

  • A digital file of the Addition & Counting series (10 books) for unlimited practice.

     $97 value
  • Color-coded addition flashcards for portable practice. Just print and fold for use in the car, before a test, or in bed.

     $7 value
  • Four step-by-step math assessments so you know exactly where your child is and what to work on next.

     $17 value 
  • A progress tracker to motivate your child to finish each math box in the Page A Day Math program. 

     $7 value
  • A 26-page Counting Activity Coloring book featuring the Math Squad characters for extra fun and enjoyment. Pages can be printed and colored more than once!

      $7 value
  • A Handwriting Book—I CAN WRITE MY NAME

     $12 value
  • An Addition Review Book (28 pages plus a completion certificate)

     $10 value
  •  Total Value $197

You can get all of this for FREE with your $47 purchase of the Addition & Counting Series!