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The first individualized Math Learning System, Like Kumon, That Allows Every Student To Study at the "Just Right" Level...from home.

What makes Page A Day Math different from both expensive programs and inexpensive products? Kids actually like using it. It's easy for parents to get their kids to practice without struggling because it is colorful, fun, not overwhelming with tons of incremental and cumulative practice. It's a high-quality math program at an affordable price. Read about other parents' experiences with Page A Day Math.

This is not a $10, one size fits all book with 50 pages. There are 140 days of practice with over 3500 practice problems spread out over 6 months so you never have to figure out what to do each day. We guarantee it will work for you and your child or we will return your money, no questions asked.

Page A Day Math - 6 months of practice $79.95 (less than 4 cups of coffee a month)
Kumon - 6 months of practice is $125x6=$750

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  • DIVISION for 1st - 4th grade | up to 144/12=12
    DIVISION for 1st - 4th grade | up to 144/12=12
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