ADDITION for Kindergarten - 2nd grade | up to 10+10=20


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The First Individualized Math Learning System, Like Kumon, That Allows Every Student To Study at the "Just Right" Level...from home.

Includes 10 Books | 6 Months of Practice

It’s true! Math is fun and easy when taught in an incremental and encouraging way. With the playful Math Squad, even the most reluctant learners will come to love math. Your child will master addition math facts and develop legible handwriting skills with this research-based, comprehensive program.

The Addition & Counting Series focuses on three crucial areas: basic addition equations (adding 1-10 to numbers 0-10), improving handwriting through tracing, and counting.

What You'll Get: 

  1. Addition Program - 10 Books, 6 months of practice. See tabs for more details.
  2. Progress Tracker
  3. Addition Chart
  4. Addition Table
  5. Addition Activity
  6. Stickers, Bookmarks, Tattoos

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        • Math facts exercises your child can complete at home. Replaces costly tutoring and builds independence.
        • A 10-book system with 14 days of practice per book. The intentional, step-by-step progression allows your child to master concepts before moving on
        • 24 problems per day, spread across two sides of a single page, which provide practice without being intimidating or overwhelming. It’s easy on the eyes and achievable even for young children. Up to 15 minutes a day is usually all it takes—often only 8-10 minutes once your child gets going.
        • Math facts presented conceptually (through pictures of dog bones) and symbolically (through numbers). The process of counting the bones, learning the symbols, tracing the math fact, and then copying the math fact helps children fully grasp each concept.
        • An easy-to-read, child-friendly font that removes the confusion of 6s and 9s, 1s and 7s, and 4s and 9s.
        • Tracing prompts to help build fine-motor skills. Children learn to take pride in their precision and penmanship.
        • Unique “tracing tracks,” not dotted lines, that make tracing and number writing easier and more fluid. A small dot at the top of each number tells children where to start.
        • Age-appropriate small font size and handwriting guides, supporting the developing fine-motor needs of your child.
        • Daily reviews of old facts along with the introduction of new facts for meaningful practice.
        • Daily achievement stars to keep your child motivated and engaged throughout the process.
        • An end-of-book certificate featuring the Math Squad that celebrates completion, offering tangible evidence that effort and hard work pay off.
        • A book size intentionally designed on a smaller scale to be easily manipulated and used by young children.
        • Non-glossy, heavyweight pages so your child can erase and rewrite without frustration, messy smudges, or ripped paper.
        • A self-contained, easily transportable box to keep books organized. Your child’s own math treasure box
        • A sturdy box insert that can be colored and placed on the refrigerator or bedside table as a daily math reminder. No more nagging! This lets your child take ownership and responsibility for his or her own development and practice.
        • Cute and colorful puppy characters from The Math Squad supporting your child every step of the way. You and your child will enjoy the adorable jokes and positive affirmations!
        • 1. Color coded, easy, and fun to use addition flash cards. Simply print, cut, and fold. Your child can make one flash card a day as they work through the ADDITION Kit. Easy to take on the go.
        • 2. Friendly subtraction assessments help you determine exactly what your child knows very well and where additional practice is needed.
        • 3. This adorable game-like progress tracker keeps children on track and motivated to reach their goals because they can see their accomplishments.
        • 1. The ADORABLE ADJECTIVES print handwriting practice book has 20 pages of cursive practice. Your child will develop beautiful handwriting and fine motor skills. Helpful tracing tracks takes the frustration out of learning cursive. Your child will stay motivated and learn to spell lots of useful adjectives along the way!
        • 2. The EATS & TREATS print handwriting practice book has 20 pages of print practice. Your child will develop beautiful handwriting and fine motor skills. Helpful tracing tracks takes the frustration out of learning print. Your child will stay motivated and learn to spell lots of useful words.

        No More Counting on Fingers...9 Months of Essential Practice + Valuable Bonus Printables!

        • Addition Kit w/10 adorable math books in a box

        • Addition Kit w/280 Step-byStep Pages

        • 1. Flashcards

        • 2. Assessments

        • 3. Child's Progress Tracker

        • 4. 'Adorable Adjectives' Handwriting Book

        • 5. 'Eats & Treats' Handwriting Book


        Only 79.95!

        Why People Love Page A Day Math

        Love these books. We tested them out before they were on the market and fell in love with the math squad dogs, right from the start. They definitely make learning math a lot more fun than the printouts we have used in the past. I love that they are in a book and not in an app and that the problems are traced and then solved.

        Hannah D. Business Consultant,

        My kids have been doing “page a day math” for about 2 weeks now and they love it and the characters in the books make it fun. Check them out...Hauser family approved!The adorable characters make it fun for him and he feels like they are helping him learn math.

        Momo H. AZ Crossfit Instructor

        I bought these for my niece and her daughter loves the books. She says they love the dogs and Flo and Zo are her favorites. What a great idea to make math books that look more like picture books. These make great gifts.

        Doris C., Retired Enterprise Software Sales

        Over 6
        Of Practice
        Easy to use
        Just 5-10 Minutes
        A day
        Earn Stars
        And Certificates
        Makes a
        Great Gift