100 AMAZING AUTUMN Words Cursive Handwriting Book
100 AMAZING AUTUMN Words Cursive Handwriting Book

100 AMAZING AUTUMN Words Cursive Handwriting Book


Learning to write is so much fun with this Amazing Autumn Cursive Handwriting book.

25 full-color, adorable, effective, fun, reprintable Cursive handwriting practice books to trace 100 Amazing Autumn Words plus extra blank-lined practice pages, a completion certificate, and of course kid-friendly jokes.

To help your child effortlessly develop great handwriting, our books include:

  1. Visual prompts make learning cursive letters, the alphabet, ABCs, and words easy. They take the frustration out of how to form each letter and word so children are successful right from the start and develop handwriting skills, stamina, and confidence. This Is an essential learning activity.
  2. A Tracing Dot and Arrow at the beginning of each letter shows the student exactly where to begin, which way to trace, and where to end. Children develop good letter-writing habits. No more backward letters or letters written from bottom to top. 
  3. Tracing Track font takes away confusion because it makes tracing easier to follow than connecting dots or tracing gray lines. Accuracy is easier and handwriting becomes more fun. It also helps refine fine motor skills in children beginning to learn to write in print or cursive. Consistent letter size, spacing, angles, and writing in straight lines will break incorrect writing habits and provide enough practice to develop proper pencil-holding techniques and good habits.
  4. 100 enriching vocabulary words to trace and learn about a new topic at the same time make these print and cursive handwriting practice workbooks interesting and fun. Kids learn to write while they learn new words, increase vocabulary, improve spelling, and enhance reading skills. Identifying words is an important step toward reading readiness. Your child will learn to write words like kindness, memories, playtime, and pillow! 
  5. Great tool for special education and occupational therapy. Occupational therapists use these tracks for children and also for people relearning how to write. Parents of children with Dyslexia tell us this is an incredibly helpful tool to help their kids with spelling, handwriting, and reading.
  6. Jokes, full-color, picture-book-like pages, and tear-out certificates at the end of the book to personalize make these handwriting books so much fun. No more struggling to get your child to practice. These handwriting books build lifelong learning confidence.
  7. Extra practice pages at the end of each book give children a chance to practice without the guides and see how they do on their own, feel a sense of accomplishment, and feel proud of their work. 
  8. Digital Download of books allows parents and teachers to print pages for unlimited practice.

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