Is Page A Day Math for Me?

Is Page A Day Math for Me?

One of the most common questions we get from parents when they learn about Page A Day Math is, “Is this for me?”

Not so much as a question of whether they like the product, but more a question of whether the product was created with them as the intended audience.

And we always say—Yes!

But how is that possible? When some children are being homeschooled and some hop on the bus each morning? When some are in a Montessori classroom and others in a more traditional setting? When some enjoy math and excel at it while others struggle? How can one product be for all of those groups?


Page A Day Math works for everyone because it is an educational supplement that can work with any curriculum. It provides what nearly every math curriculum lacks—the time and practice necessary to gain math-fact automaticity.

What Is a Supplement and Why Do I Need One?

A supplement is something that completes or enhances something else when added to it, and that is exactly what Page A Day Math does.

Children in preschool are counting items and learning which numerals stand for which number names (as in 5 means five).

By first and second grade they are learning addition and subtraction, and by third and fourth grade, multiplication and division.

Every math topic learned thereafter is built upon these core skills.

In algebra, to solve for x in 5 + x = 15, addition and subtraction need to come automatically.

When comparing fractions, multiplication and division must be second-nature in order to find least common denominators.

Math builds on itself, and in order to succeed, kids need to do more than know how to add or multiply.

They need to know and understand their math facts so well that they take almost no effort.

How do students gain this automaticity? Practice, practice, and more practice. They don’t need to do a lot of practice every day, but they need to practice math facts consistently while they are learning them in order to commit them to long-term memory.

No matter what curriculum your children are using to learn math, they don’t include the practice necessary to gain automaticity. They simply can’t. There aren’t enough hours in the school day, plus, a curriculum that included that much practice would be enormous!

Math curricula provide a wide breadth of information and topics, plus they are designed for every student. Page A Day Math provides great depth of learning for math facts specifically. Plus, it provides enough practice for any level of math student.

It will make math easier for your children for the rest of their lives.

Who Can Use Page A Day Math?

Page A Day Math kits are appropriate for anyone with students between pre-K and fourth grade, no matter how they approach education.

Are you a:

  • Homeschool parent who has already chosen a great math curriculum that you’re happy using?
  • Mom who has been thrust into teaching at home because of the coronavirus and are worried you’re not doing the right thing?
  • Parent of a Montessori student who uses blocks and bead chains for their math lessons?
  • Dad determined that your child won’t suffer from the dreaded summer slide this year?
  • Parent of a child who struggles with math and needs some extra help and encouragement?
  • Mom of a child who loves math and is ready to commit more to memory and plow ahead?

Then Page A Day Math is for you!

Can I Commit to One More Thing?

One of the greatest things about Page A Day Math is that it’s a quick activity over a long period of time. Your child will spend 10 to 15 minutes a day with Page A Day Math—probably even less time once they get going. It’s an easy activity to fit into busy schedules. Practicing with the workbooks each day for a short time makes it into a habit. The books are small and easy to take places as well.

While the time spent each day is short, a Page A Day Math kit will provide your child with six to nine months of math practice! That means once you choose Page A Day Math, you won’t have to think about any more math supplements for awhile (phew!). Plus, if you and your child find it beneficial and enjoyable, after six to nine months you can move on to the next kit.

Whether our kids go to a private school, public school, or are homeschooled, as parents, we all want what is best for our children. Using Page A Day Math gives your child the amount of practice they truly need to master their math facts and be ready for higher-level math skills. It’s a fun way to make the rest of their math journey easier.

So, yes, in answer to your question, Page A Day Math is for you.

About the Author and Creator of Page A Day Math

Janice MarksJanice Marks

Janice began her career in education to pursue teaching pre-algebra at BASIS Tucson North, a charter school currently ranked as the sixth-best STEM school in the country by Newsweek. There she found joy in teaching math, working with parents, and inspiring children to believe in themselves and thrive. This experience, along with helping her own children succeed in math, led her to develop the Page A Day Math system.


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