Addition & Math Handwriting Set 2 Book 8

by Page A Day Math

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Adding 9 to numbers 6-10 and Developing Legible Math Handwriting

Book 8 focuses on introducing addition facts that add 9 (6+9 to 10+9) and developing legible math handwriting. This is done at an age appropriate pace, tracing newly introduced addition facts one day, and then practicing them on alternating days.

This book incorporates addition, handwriting and repetition by alternating between days of newly introduced addition facts that are traced and practice days (32 pages, 18+ daily math exercises, 14 days of practice, 450+ problems per book, 4,000+ per series), handwriting aids, cumulative practice, daily achievements stars, and a completion certificate.

Perfect for students in Pre K-1, ages 4+, who are able to hold a pencil, developing writing skills, and ready for beginning addition.

Learning Objectives addition introduction, dexterity, handwriting skills, counting, legible handwriting, number sense, and independent learning.

Best used when the child can hold a pencil with the thumb and index finger while resting it on the knuckle of the middle finger, three fingers controlling the pencil, typically ages 3.5-5.