Putting a Price Tag on Confidence?

When I see a happy confident child in a classroom, it’s clear that confidence is priceless.

Often parents don’t have the chance to see their own child in the classroom.

How can we help our kids feel confident when they become school-age?

As parents, we can be proactive and make sure our kids feel prepared by exposing them to enough reading, math, sharing, waiting their turn, etc. 

A child that has been exposed to early math skills before kindergarten will feel more confident. Early math practice will help them develop that confidence.

With older children, parents should make sure their kids are able to perform at grade level or beyond.

I visited a 4th/5th grade classroom this week and worked with several 5th graders struggling with simple addition. I wondered if the parents knew their children were struggling and lacked the basic math skills to thrive.  These children lacked confidence. They knew they were behind their peers. These children were very capable but, unfortunately, lacked adequate practice.

As adults, it’s our responsibility to make sure our kids have sufficient practice to be successful.










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